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OMG, so very tired.
Today was the first day that I ever had to help conduct interviews, and I feel absolutely drained.
We only had four applicants but I feel like I've used up all my brain power for the whole year.


Empire's Top 500 Films Of All Time

Over 18 months ago, Empire brought out an issue dedicated to the top 500 films of all time (as voted for by the readers).
Now, all these many months later, I am finally starting to get round to watching them.
I have a plan to watch at least one a night after work (and several on the weekend).
To be honest, it's not going too well. I've only managed in the last few weeks to get moving with the film watching.
Tonight I'm being subjected to the fourth Indiana Jones film (hopefully this will be the last one). Having watched the other three films over the last two weeks, I'm finally able to end my suffering (if you haven't guessed, not a fan of the Indy series).
Today I also watched Gladiator and yesterday An American Werewolf in London. Tomorrow I plan on watching Predator.
So I suppose you could say that I have made a New Year's Resolution (on top of losing a little weight), to use my life wisely and watch as many films as I possible can.
The only film I'm really, really, really not looking forward to is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Watchamackall it. As most of my close friends know I am not a HP fan at all.



I have officially become addicted to Twittering. It's massively fun, plus you can check out what Celebs are up to (this is probably officially called stalking but i don't care). I suggest everyone joins now.

I Feel Like Such a Bitch

Ok, i havent written on here for ages but currently it seems to be the only place i can write down my feelings, i definitely can't speak to other half about this.

Today we celebrated our 4 year anniversary, we went out for a lovely lunch and Jeff bought me an ER boxset as a present, which was really nice.

However, and this is the bit that i sound like a total bitch, he also bought me the same card as last year, and bought me a really tacky keyring that i think is hideous, when he gave it to me he said it was because he saw me looking at them in the shop (the horrible thing is that i was looking at them as an idea for a Christmas Present for a work colleague), and i can't say anything.

So now im stuck with a hideous keyring that he's going to expect me to use and i really don't want to.

See i am a complete bitch!!!!
Yes it's official, i went into Woolworths yesterday and there in all it's supreme glory was..... THE WISPA BAR!!!!
Back from extinction, now all we need is for them to bring back the Wispa Gold and i shall bask in obesity.


Transformers, Robots in Diguise

Well i've just come home from seeing a preview showing of Transformers and i must say i am slightly disappointed. I mean yes i expect the film to have some kind of action in it, however i was not prepared for the entire film to be all action, there was definite lack of a proper story.
However one thing did redeem it for me, the film had (if only briefly) Andrew from Buffy in it, providing his normal comic relief.
I was impressed that they got the guy who voiced the original Optimus Prime to come back, that was fairly cool, plus they did stick largely to the original cartoon series.
But overall i have to say that Die Hard 4 is still the best film i have seen this year so far!!!

Die Hard 4.0 Review

Well Friday night was a delightful evening full of cinema frivolities and i had a lot of fun indeed seeing possibly the best film this year so far.
Die Hard 4 not only modernises with an adapting audience but also stays true to the first three films routes, with John McClane still at the heart of all the action.
I was slightly worried that the action and violence element may have to be restrained due to the 15 certificate but i needn't have worried, Bruce Willis was at his absolute best, armed with a comedy nerdy sidekick he always had the last word with his usual sarcastic wit.
It just goes to show that in a world run by technology, no-one will ever be able to beat John McClane.
Yippee-ki-yay Motherfucker!!!!!

Die Hard 4

Oh yes, i'm very excited for tonight i have tickets to see Die Hard 4!!!.

I shall keep you all posted with a review tomorrow

Paperclip Overboard

Whoops, i just managed to drop a paperclip underneath the keys on my keyboard at work, now whenever i use the tab key it makes a funny sound and no amount of prodding around with a pen is removing it.
I just hope no-one finds out

Back at Work

Well it's the first day back at work after a lovely relaxing week away, and i think it's official that soon i will start looking for a new job.